This round-table will include representatives of the Romanian mass-media (print media – newspapers, magazines, on-line or printed on paper; radio; & TV) in Romania and abroad.


The round-table aims to discuss the following topics:


- The situation of the Romanian press abroad (newspapers, magazines, radio and TV stations) their activity and role.

- The way in which the Romanian mass-media abroad is seen by those in Exile, those in Romania, and the mass-media in Romania, and by the Romanian government.

- The archives of the Romanian mass-media abroad. The importance that these archives are kept in a public institution without which future generations will have no reference points.

- The support offered (or to be offered) to the Romanian mass-media abroad by the government of Romania, through the Department of Romanians Abroad (Departamentul pentru românii de pretutindeni – DRP). The importance of simplifying and improving the DRP application forms for requesting funds such as to improve them and make them effective.

- The attitude of Romanians readers / listeners / viewers in Romania and from Exile as to what and how must the mass-media in Romania and abroad present Romania (promoting the Romanian values, but at the same time presenting the political, economic and social realities, for which a solution will not be able to be found otherwise, such that the mass-media should have a professional and transparent journalistic activity).

- Aspects of media dealing mainly with culture, both in Romania, and abroad.


The already enrolled and/or invited mass-media participants up to now in the round-table are:


Grigore L. Culian – Chief Editor/Founder of New York Magazin, New York, USA

Marius Petraru – collaborator, Miorita newspaper, Sacramento, California, USA

Cassian Maria Spiridon – Director, Convorbiri Literare magazine, Iasi, Romania

Ben Todica – Creator of radio and TV shows in Romanian, Melbourne, Australia

Emilia Tutuianu – Chief Editor/founder of Melidonium magazine & Director of Publishing House Musatina, Roman, Romania

Lucian Vasiliu – Coordonator of the Publishing House „Junimea” (manager since August 2014) and Director-Founder of the journal „Scriptor”


However, if there are others who would like to join the round-table they should contact Prof. Dr. Ileana Costea, General Chair of the ARA 42 Iasi Congress by email ( or by telephone (also Whatsapp possible) (+1 818 512-3089). The round-table welcomes representatives of the Romanian mass-media who can participate physically in person at the Congress in Iasi or, if they cannot make the trip to Iasi, are willing to participate long-distance on Skype. Participants in the round-table may also propose other relevant topics they consider important to be discussed.


Bio Notes Romanian Mass-Media Round-Table as of August 10, 2018. Others are invited. Contact:


* Masa Rotunda Mass-Media Romaneasca

 Congresul 42 ARA (Academia Romano-Americana de Arte si Stiinte), Iasi, Romania, 26-29 August, 2018

 Aula de pe campusul din  Copou

 Universitatea Tehnica “Gh. Asachi” , Iasi


 Organizator si Moderator:

 Prof. Dr. Ileana Costea, Los Angeles, USA


La aceasta masa rotunda vor participa reprezentanti ai mediei romanesti (presa scrisa – ziare, reviste tiparite si online, radio, TV) din tara si din strainatate.


Masa rotunda isi propune a discuta urmatoarele teme:


-  Situatia mass-mediei romanesti in strainatate (ziarele, revistele, statiile de radio si TV, activitatea si rolul acestora)

-  Felul in care mass-media romaneasca in strainatate este privita de cei din Exil, de cei din tara, de mass-media romaneasca din tara  si de govern.

-  Arhivele mass-mediei romanesti din strainatate; importanta ca aceste arhive sa fie pastrate intr-o institutie publica fara de care generatiile viitoare nu vor avea repere.

-  Suportul oferit (sau pe care trebuie sa-l ofere) mass-mediei romanesti din strainatate guvernul Romaniei (prin Departamentul Romanilor de Pretutindeni - DRP). Importanta simplificarii si imbunatirii formularelor  de aplicatie pentru  finantari si marirea fondurilor oferite de DRP mass-mediei romanesti pentru a deveni eficace.

-  Atitudinea romanilor/cititorilor/ascultatorilor /telespectatorilor din Romania si din Exil fata de ce trebuie si cum trebuie sa prezinte situatia Romaniei mass-media din tara si din Exil (promovand valorile romanesti  si prezentand in acelasi timp realitatile politice, economice si sociale, fara de care nu se va putea gasi o formula de rezolvare a acestora si nu se poate desfasura o activitate jurnalistica corecta, profesionista si transparenta).

-  Aspectele mediei cu precadere culturale din tara si din strainatate.


 Participantii inscrisi sau invitati de pana acum la Masa Rotunda a Mass-Mediei Romanesti sunt:


Grigore Culian –Editor Sef si Fondator, revista New York Magazin, New York, USA

Marius Petraru – colaborator, ziarul Miorita, Sacramento, California, USA

Cassian Maria Spiridon – Director, revista Convorbiri Literare, Iasi, Romania

Ben Todica – realizator de emisiuni radio si TV in romana la Melbourne, Australia

Emilia Tutuianu, Editor Sef si Fondator al revistei Melidonium si Diector al Editurii Musatina, Roman, Romania

Lucian Vasiliu – Coordonator al editurii „Junimea” (director din august 2014) si director-fondator al jurnalului „Scriptor”


 Cei care doresc sa se alature Mesei Rotunde sunt invitati sa o contacteze pe Prof. Dr. Ileana Costea, General Chair al congresului ARA 42 Iasi, organizatoarea si moderatoarea sesiunii despre mass-media romaneasca, prin email: sau telefon (si Whatsapp): +1 818 512-3089. Sunt bine veniti ca membrii ai mesei rotunde reprezentanti ai mass-mediei romanesti care fie pot participa fizic la Iasi sau care doresc sa participle de la distanta pe Skype.


Participantii inscrisi deja sau cei care doresc sa se alature mesei rotunde pot propune si alte teme relevante pe care le considera importante spre a fi discutate.

Round-table Romanian Mass-Media

The 42nd Congress of the

American Romanian Academy of Arts and Sciences

Iasi, Romania, August 26-29, 2018

Will take place in the “Aula” on the Copou campus of the

"Gh. Asachi" Technical University


Organizer and Moderator of the Round-Table:

Prof. Dr. Ileana Costea, Los Angeles, USA

Ileana Costea is a full professor of Automation Engineering at California State University, Northridge (CSUN). She has a Master Degree of Architecture from the Institute of Architecture and Urban Planning “Ion Mincu”, Bucharest, Romania (1972), a Master of Art in Industrial Design from the University of California at Los Angeles (UCLA, 1975), and a Doctorate in Decision Analysis and Problem Solving from UCLA (1982). She has been the Chair of the Manufacturing Systems and Management department at CSUN (2011-2014). She has been active and in leadership positions with many organizations: National Computer Graphics Organization (NCGA), Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE) –Systems, Man, and Cybernetics Society, American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics (AIAA) – Interactive Computer Graphics Technical Committee, Society of Manufacturing Engineers (SME), American Romanian Academy of Arts and Sciences (ARA), and Viitorul Roman Society (VRS – Romanian Society in Los Angeles, California). She created several Wikipedia pages, websites, and videos/youtubes. She has published numerous papers and book chapters, organized sessions, and made presentations at conferences in the fields of: computer graphics (CG), computer-aided design & manufacturing (CAD/CAM), artificial intelligence (AI), women in engineering and innovation, online education, and art. Since 1998 she has published articles on her self-imposed mission of “discovering Romanian cultural presence abroad” in various Romanian magazines and journals in Romania and abroad. In 2015 she has published the 1st volume of her articles “Exercitii de Neuitare” (that can be found on Amazon). She is working now on the 2nd volume of articles, and on two books on the commercial and fine art of American heterogeneous artist Jerry W. McDaniel. She lived for one year in Paris, France (1972-1973), where she worked as an architect. She then moved to Los Angeles, California, where she married her late husband, Nicolas V. Costea, MD, Hematologist-Oncologist, Professor of Medicine, at UCLA. Along the years she organized numerous Romanian events in Los Angeles, among which The ARA Congress in 1992 at CSUN, sculpture exhibitions of Patriciu Mateescu (1985 & 2005), an exhibition of photographs of sculptures by Constantin Brancusi (2005) and Patriciu Mateescu, and a poetry event on the occasion of Ana Blandiana and Romulus Rusan’s visit to the US West Coast (2015). She lives in Los Angeles, and divides her time into teaching manufacturing engineering at CSUN and working in the field of her other passion, art. Not being able to forget the first place where she landed as a refugee, she spends every year some months in Paris, France. She also returned to visit Romania often after 1989.

Grigore L. Culian - Romanian-American Profile,


• Born on April 22, 1952 in Bucharest, married, one child.

• Former professional musician in Romania (1975-1989), graduate of the Popular Art School in Bucharest •The double bass section 1st category license.

• Political Refugee in the US since 1989

• Member of the Republican Party of the United States.


Activities in the Romanian-American Community

• Editor / Founder of the “New York Magazin”, the oldest Romanian newspaper in New York (April 4, 1997 - with his daughter, Andreea Maria Culian, Master of Business at New York University, intern at the US Department of State, currently a manager at the World Resources Institute in Washington, DC).

• Over 600 interviews and editorials about the Romanian-American Community, published in the New York Magazine (USA) and the Romanian newspaper “Cotidianul”. All these articles were published in the volume “New York Magazine - Annotated History of a Romanian publication (1997 - 2012)", Eikon Publishing House, Cluj Napoca, Romania, 2012, 972 pages, released at ICR (Institutul Cultural Roman - Romanian Cultural Institute) New York August 28, 2013, the only book on a Romanian newspaper in exile. His book can be bought by writing to the author.

• Co-founder and honorary president of the “Romac” Football Club New York, founded in 1998 and active for 20 years in the amateur cosmopolitan league.

• Member, Vice-Chairperson, and Chairperson of the polling station commission no. 42, at the General Consulate of Romania in New York (in the presidential, parliamentary and referendum elections) 1996-2016.

• Founding member of the Association of Romanian Journalists in North America (NARPA - 2010).

• Member of the Romanian Community delegation from the United States, invited to the Romanian Presidency, Parliament, Patriarchate and Foreign Ministry (2009).

• Supporter and organizer of shows who promoted Romanian values in the United States at cultural events taking place at the Romanian churches and ICR, New York, as well as constantly publishing free of charge announcements about these events in the “New York Magazin”.

• Collaborator of the Romanian Television of New York TV station.


Romanian Distinctions

• The "Crew Member" Medal awarded by the Romanian Embassy in Washington. DC for his personal contribution through the newspaper "New York Magazin" to the accession of Romania to the North Atlantic Alliance ".

• The Award of the Association of Romanian Journalists from North America (NARPA) in the category "Best Editorial" (2011 and 2012).

• The Special Prize of the jury for his entire journalistic career at the Celebration Gala (Bucharest, Romania, 2016).


American Distinctions

• "Queens Ambassador Award" for Journalism and Contribution to the Development of Inter-Ethnic Relations in Queens, New York.


Articles about Grigore Culianau in the American press:

• Louie Lazar, The Wall Street Journal (September 5th, 2013)

• Carlos Rodrigues, The New York Voices (June 18th, 2013)


Articles about Grigore Culianau in the Romanian press:



Marius Petraru is Adjunct Professor, Geography Department at California State University Sacramento. (


In 1995, after the completion of a five-year program at the College of Letters and Science, at the Stefan cel Mare University of Suceava, in Suceava, Romania, he was awarded a Bachelor of Arts degree with a double major in History and Geography.


In 1997 he received an International Scholarship from the Polish Government to attend Łodz University in Poland. In 1998, after he passed examinations in Polish Language and History, he immediately was admitted to doctoral studies at the History Institute of Jagiellonian University of Kraków, Poland.  On September 27, 2002, after the presentation of the doctoral dissertation “Poles in the Bukowina in the Years 1775-1918: From the History of The Polish Settlement”, he was awarded the degree of Doctor of Humanities in the field of History. His doctoral dissertation was published by the Jagiellonian University Press in 2004. Until his emigration to the United States he participated at different international symposium in Romania and Poland published a series of articles related to Austria-Hungary Empire and political and civilian Polish emigration to Romania during XIX-XX century.


From 2003 he continued his academic career as a professor of Geography at American River College and the Department of Geography at California State University of Sacramento.


Marius Petraru’s Research Interest are:

• The Romanian Government in Exile in the United States and his relationships with the National Committee for Free Europe/Free Europe Committee.

• The Activity of the Romanian Political Elites and the Assembly of Captive European Nations during the Cold War.

• The International Peasants Union Activity during the Cold War. The History of Romanian-Polish Relationships in the 20th century: The WW II Polish Refugee in Romania.

• Post-Communist politics of Central and Eastern Europe; Democratization, Minority rights and Non-Governmental Organizations in the new European democratic states.

“… now,

when gathered in my bullet carton

are decades of life,

the burden of the world seems to me

ever lighter

either my back grew wider


being used with hardship,

or the entire world has become just an impression

humbly I try to understand everything."

Cassian Maria Spiridon


Cassian Maria Spiridon was born April 9, 1950, Iasi Romania and is a poet and essayist. He is a graduate of the Polytechnic Institute of Bucharest. In December '89 he was arrested because he organized and led a movement against the communist dictatorship. In the spring of 1995 he founded and published the quarterly magazine "Poetry", which has been published since then without interruption. Since 1995 he has been the editor-in-chief of the journal "Convorbiri Literare” (Literary Conversations). Since 1997, he has been a member of the Uninea Scriitorilor din Romania - USR (Union of Romanian Writers) Council and since 2001 a member of the USR Steering Committee. Since 2009 he is the President of the USR Iasi Branch. He is also a member of the PEN-European Club. He has published over thirty volumes of poetry, journalism, and essays. He is the holder of two USR prizes for essays and other awards for poetry. His literary work was translated and published in French, English, German, Spanish, Italian, Portuguese, Swedish, Russian, Finnish, Polish, Serbian, Czech, Slovak, Albanian, Arabic, Hungarian, Chinese, Korean, etc. Cassian Maria Spiridon is Honorary Citizen of the Iasi Municipality. He was distinguished by Presidential Decree with the Cultural Merit as Commander.

Benoni (Ben) Todica, was born in Ezer village, Puiestii Vaslui, Romania, son of George and Aurica Todica. After 1950 his parents settled in Banat, where his father worked as a miner first in the coal mine at Ocna de Fier, then in the Ciudanovita uranium mines (Banat). Ben’s passion for film begun at an early age. When he was 12 he bought a projector and a Czechoslovakian Meopta camera and he made his first film, entitled Childhood. He had to work throughout his high school years. He continued to made films, worked as a safety trainer, participated in competitions for amateur filmmakers, and taught the basic elements of film production: directing, sound, visual effects, image, editing, and development.


While at the House of Pioneers Oravita, he managed to create films such as Perseverance (1978) which won the grand prize at the National Festival of filmmakers in 1979, Nera Keys (1976), Meditation (1976); Dream (1975). He was nominated for the third prize at the Filmmakers State Festival with First Steps (1979), Oxygen (1976) Chain (1976).


In 1979 he landed on Australian soil and settled in Melbourne. He worked as a welder, then as a subcontractor and programmer-operator for the big company Natra. The battle for existence did not affect his love for life and everything about film and writing.


He was nominated for "Australian of the Year 2007 for his outstanding contributions to the Romanian-Australian community.


He published essays, reviews, articles, and references with critical acclaim in magazines in Romania and abroad - Australia, Europe, New Zealand. Among his literary works we mention his two books: Intre Doua Lumi (Ro)/ Between two worlds (En), Timisoara, Attica Publishing House, 2009; and In Doua Lumi (Ro) / In two worlds (En), Single Publishing House, Targoviste, 2011, and reprinted online By Musatinul Publishing House, Roman, in 2012. Musatinul also published the author’s homage volume Ben Todica- Romanian Honorary Ambassador. He made numerous films, including Our path about uranium exploitation in communism times in Banat, Romania. His movies were studied and highly appreciated by film-making programs in some American universities.

Emilia Tutuianu (b. 12 July, 1961, Rasca, Suceava, Romania) studied at “Roman Voda”High School in Roman, and then at the Faculty of Philosophy at “Alexandru Ioan Cuza” University in Iasi. In 2002 she established the first secular publishing house in Roman, Musatinia Publishing House. In 2006 she founded the “George Radu Melidon”Cultural Society, and in 2009 started publishing the Melidonium magazine.  Emilia Tutuianu  is present in various poetry anthologies in the Romania and abroad, as well as in literary journals from Canada, New Zealand, the United States. She is: Director of Musatinia Publishing House; Editor in chief Melidonium magazine; Member of ASLRQ Canada; Member of the Romanian Writers League, Iasi Branch; Member of the European Writers' Union of Moldova (since 2016). Beteween 2015-2017 she initiated, designed, and coordinated the creation of the Spiritual Cultural Center project at Varatic.


Honors: The Romanian Culture Award, 2006; Diploma of Excellence of the Archbishopric of Roman and Bacau, 2009; First place, Prose at the Poetry, Prose, Drama Dor Dor Ipotesti, prose section, 2012; Diploma of Excellence from the Ioan Slavici Foundation for Culture and Education in Timisoara, 2014;  Diploma at the Gala of Liberal Excellence Miclauseni May 2015; The Melidonium Magazine Prize at the German Culture Gala Award The Cultural Superlatives of the Year, 2015; Diploma of Excellence from the League of Writers - Iasi Branch; The Cross of the Holy Hierarch Dosoftei, for the initiative, the design, and coordination of the construction of the Center's Cultural Spiritual Varatic, 2017.



LUCIAN VASILIU was born in the commune of Puieşti, Vaslui County (former Barlad district, Iaşi region), on January 8, 1954. In 1964 the family moved to Barlad. He goes to high school in this city. His father, a priest, and graduate of the School of Theology of Chernivtsi in 1937, dies in 1972.  This was the moment that triggers Lucian’s preoccupations for literature. He attended the post-secondary school of librarianship in Bucharest (1972-1974). Between 1877-1981, in parallel with the activity of librarian, he attended courses at the School of Philology (Romanian-French section). He is the editor of the student magazine Dialog (whose coordinator was the well-known Al. Călinescu). On December 1st. 1980, by transfer, he moves from the Library of the Polytechnic Institute "Gh. Asachi" to the Museum of Romanian Literature, Iasi. A year later, in 1981, appears his debut volume, Mona-Monada, poems, Junimea publishing house. In 1990 he becomes a member of the Union of Writers of Romania (Uniunea Scriitorilor din Romania - USR). Since 2004 he is also a member of the Writers Union of Chisinau. He initiates the revival of the Dacia literary magazine. He becomes Director of the National Museum Complex Moldova Iasi. Starting that autumn he will coordinate the Museum of Romanian Literature in Iasi (1990-2007). He initiates the foundation of the Cultural Society "Junimea" 90. During 1990-1992 he is a member of the Civic Alliance. In 1992, rcommended by Andrei Plesu, Culture Minister at tht time, Lucian Vasiliu participates in a management training program in Brussels, Belgium. In 2004 he receives the Order "National Cultural Merit" of Romania. He becomes Editor-in-Chief of the "Dacia literara" magazine in 2007. In 2013, his position there is abolished by the new management of M.L.R. Iaşi (director, Dan Lungu). In 2014 he becomes Coordinator of the publishing house "Junimea" and its manager in August 2014. He is also the founder and director of the magazine "Scriptor" (since January 15, 2015). He has published over 30 books of lyrics, prose, travel journals, etc. His translations appeared in over 30 countries (anthologies, cultural press, author's books). He has received numerous National Awards (selective): "Nicolae Labiş" (1979), "Nichita Stănescu" (2010), National Poetry Congress Award (2011), Public Prize at the Turnir of the Poets (Ephesus, Turkey, 2012), the Great Prize of the International Festival "European Spring of Poets", Chisinau, May 2018, etc. He was nominated three times for the national prize "M. Eminescu "(2014, 2015, 2017). In February 2018, through a project of the Writers' Union he was declared the writer of the month.

Lucian Vasiliu

Editura Junimea