2018 Revival ARA Congress





The 42nd Congress of the

American Romanian Academy of Arts and Sciences


 Pasilor Pierduti Hall

“Gh. Asachi“ Tehnical University

Copou, Iasi, Romania

26-29 August, 2018


Silver Horn – Micro-recital of Poetry from Eminescu

Recites, sings and dances actress Lidia Lazu, Bucharest, Romania


This poetry show is comprised of a poem and three fragments from the romantic writing of Mihai Eminescu. The recital will be spiced with improvisations and an appropriate scenic movement, in order to create a love story beyond the known boundaries. The chosen poems are:

1. Pale Angel

2. The Moon Comes Out of the Woods, fragment

3. When the Blizzard with Winter …, fragment

4. Sarmis, fragment

5. The Story of the Linden Tree, fragment


Lidia selected verses which should create a true Eminescian atmosphere, featuring the moon, clouds, the female lover, and the magic which impregnates everything, giving us the illusion that love can be everlasting, and can go beyond shadows, beyond one’s being.




Actress and Poet





















Lidia Lazu published several volumes of poems and anthologies. She collaborated with numerous magazines: Luceafarul, Viata Romaneasca, Poesis, Romania Literara, Arges, Sud, Cafeneaua literara and Curierul de Valcea. She gave numerous recitals with poetry of famous Romanian poets, and her own poems, in various towns in Romania and in Southern California (“I want to Dance“ recitals, 2008). She also appeared on several TV shows. Among her cultural initiatives are: The Izvor Sonor recital, for the poetry of Lucian Blaga; Blaga Fagottisimo, (during the UNESCO year; The Amurg Violet recital, from the poetry of George Bacovia; recital Mihai Eminescu – The bodyless beauty/Frumoasa fara corp; recitals at TVRM Ilinca Dumitrescu and her guests / Ilinca Dumitrescu si invitatii sai, etc. For the past 19 years she was a collaborator at Radio Youth, Radio Romania Cultural (the show Diotima, about love, beauty and truth, reading from universal literature); Remember for the Third millennium and Imago mundi - radio shows by Maria Urbanovici at Radio News.




Eminescu. From the poetry of music to the music of poetry

Eminescu's artistic module by Lucia Olaru Nenati



"The one who sings is disillusioning himself and the others"

                                                               Mihai Eminescu


Under the auspices of this Eminescian aphorism, poet Lucia Olaru Nenati recalls in a sui generis medallion the passion of the Poet for music, including the interpretation of old folk songs reconstituted in her performance as it appears in the album entitled EMINESCU'S SONGS, singing her lyrics or evoking the musical aura. She will sing also songs on the lyrics of the Poet but on the music composed by her, and she will also present, through lyrics, music and interpretation, a poem created by her.




















Opinions about Lucia's similar recitals:


"This performance was one of a kind, in any case, very unusual, because it is difficult to invoke other examples in which someone meets in such a spontaneous and flexible manner so many identities in front of the audience: poet, orator, actor, professor, museographer, lawyer, preacher, singer, composer, stage director... and all of these were concentrated together towards a single goal, successfully achieved, to demonstrate Eminescu's universal value and, implicitly, that of the Romanian culture. The culture show offered by Mrs. Lucia Olaru Nenati was so intense, so well-structured and impeccably interpreted that the audience applauded her for several minutes, for her stage presence, her gorgeous voice, and the quality of the her presentation and the body of information offered with so much humor, professionalism, and tenderness.“

Lucian HETCO, Under the Sign of the Lime tree flowers, in AGERO, June, 2007, Stuttgart, Germany


“The monumental stage presence of the poet (Lucia Olaru Nenati), her warm and tantalizing voice have rebuilt an ever-needed route of initiation, and thus the beauty of the lyrics was amplified by the well-timed inflections of the singer. The show was, indeed, a delight, being a song evocation of the profound euphoria of Eminescu's lyrics. I had the feeling that Lucia Olaru Nenati is a real one-person show capable of retaining attention and directing it to the territory of the ineffable. It was a great revelation to me to listen through her voice to this so far from us now, she was able to bring back to us. I think this is an event that casts glory on Lucia Olaru Nenati, a doctor in literature, a poet, a prose writer, a writer of children's literature, and so on. After all, if you will not take it as an exaggeration, she is the ideal feminine representation of Renaissance: an “universal uomo” (...) L.O.N is undoubtedly a remarkable cultural presence, both nationally and internationally. In the wide sphere of culture she presented herself like a true ambassador of Romanian perennial values open to the multicultural dialogue.“

 Valentin CIUCA in the book Selective Vernissages, Art XXI, Iasi, 2010 and in Ateneu, Bacau




Poet, Journalist, Doctor in Literature




















Lucia Olaru Nenati is a writter, poet, novelist, literary resercher, jurnalist, and cultural promoter. She was born on 20 Feb 1949 in Radauti, Bucovina, Romania.


Areas of Interest:

Culture, museography, education, theatre, literature (poetry, prose, essays, children literature), literary history, literary criticism, translations, journalism, music.



PhD in Romanian Literature, "Al. I. Cuza" University, 2002; BA in Romanian and Latin, "Al. I. Cuza" University; 1972, Graduate Certificate in Journalism, University of Chico, California, 1995.


Professional Experience:

Member of the Professional Writers’ Union and of the Professional Journalists' Union of Romania; former professor at the Teacher Training College of Botosani of the "Al.I.Cuza" University, Iasi; former journalist and director of "Gazette of Botosani"; former director of "Mihai Eminescu" Drama Theater of Botosani; former director of "Vasilache" Puppet Theater; museographer, former researcher and coordinator of "Mihai Eminescu" National Museum.


Literary Publications:

Published 33 books of poetry, prose, essays, children literature, literary research, musical albums (1975-2018): “Singing Shells”, “The Hidden Glass Case” (on line book, Netherlands); (poetry); “The Corridors between Clock” (prose); “When a Lady Bird Falls Asleep”; (children literature); “From the Music of Poetry to the Poetry of Music” (essay) accompanied by the musical audio cassette “The Songs of Eminescu” (a first reconstruction of the songs sung by the national poet Mihai Eminescu more than a century ago); “Septentrional arcade“ Publishing House of the Romanian Academy (literary research); “The poetic Existence of Bacovia” (French translation); “The North Academy” (literary history); “The Feeling of the Spiral” (poetic anthology of  author); “Letters from My Present” (journalistic) etc. More than 3,000 articles, literary pieces, studies in Romania and abroad. Present in more than 50 anthology and collective books and others.


Summary of Critical Interpretation:

Many literary critics and writers cited and emphasized the profoundness and harmony of her work in journals, dictionaries and books of literary history and criticism.


Cultural activity:

She also has performed a constant cultural activity and numerous scientific studies and communications, academic lectures, conferences (especially about Eminescu!), literary and musical recitals, cultural performances in the country and abroad. For her literary and cultural work she has been awarded over 60 awards at literary contests, book fairs and other events in the country and abroad, among which: "Mihai Eminescu’s 150th anniversary" through PRESIDENTIAL DECREE of the President of Romania "for the special contribution to the promotion of Eminescu’s work", in 2000; Honorary Diploma "for her contribution to the promotion of Romanian culture (FAR) Montréal, Canada, 2004; Diploma of Excellence for "Contribution to the Founding of the Museum "Mihai Eminescu" in Ipotesti and for the propagation of the Eminescian spirit in the world", Romanian Association for Heritage, Bucharest, 2005; Diploma of Excellency of the General Consulate of Romania in Cernauti "for outstanding merits in the promotion of Romanian language, culture and spirituality" Cernauti,  2005; Romanian Writers Union Prize – Iasi, for the book “Septentrional arcad”, edited by Publishing House of the Romanian Academy, 2008; The Prize for translation from French in Romanian, and Diploma of Excellence for revealing the first Bacovia exegesis for “Bacovia's Poetic Existence” by Svetlana Paleologu Matta from Switzerland,  2012, THE BREVET and MEDAL "Mihai Eminescu", by PRESIDENTIAL DECREE of the President of the Republic of Moldova “as a  sign of high appreciation of the Eminescu’s opera and the contribution to the development of intercultural relations ", Chisinau, 2013, the Diploma and the Trophy "for the love of Eminescu, for poetry and talent, for a life dedicated to beauty", given by the daily Monitorul de Botosani, 2015; DIPLOMA of honorary citizen of city Botosani, 2014 and others.