2018 Revival ARA Congress



Invited Speakers

Radu Gabriel

Actor, Director, Writer, and Acting Educator UNATC, Bucharest, Romania

PRESENTATION: Providential Meetings




Radu Gabriel is an actor, and an Associate Professor (Conferentiar doctor) at UNATC (Universitatea Nationala de Arta Teatrala si Cinematografica/The National University of Theater and Film), Bucharest, Romania. He was born in 1957, and started as an actor with the role Barbarosa in the play “Nota zero la purtare“. Since then he played in numerous plays, movies, and TV shows next to some of the best contemporary Romanian artists. Radu Gabriel has been an actor for over 20 years, and is especially known for the roles he played in “Pariu cu viata“ and “Las fierbinti“. He was part of the group “Voua“ and played in many TV movies. He has taught acting at UNATC for 14 years. He is a director, playwright, screenwriter, and trainer. He is holding courses of Public Speaking and Story Telling. His training is based on acting techniques.


A more detailed list of selected activities of Radu Gabriel follow.


Actor in movies, on stage and on TV

As a film actor he played in: “Ghinionistul“ (2017), “Meda sau Partea nu prea fericita a lucrurilor“ (2017), “Medalia de onoare“ (2011), “Ursul“ (2008), “Tache“ (2007), “California drimin’(Endless)“(2006). He also played on stage in various theaters (Toma Caragiu, Ploiești; Odeon, București; Teatrul National Bucuresti; Teatrul Bulandra, București; Metropolis, Bucuresti; Creart, Bucuresti) in the following plays: “Inima de caine“, “Copiii unui Dumnezeu mai mic“, “Boabe de roua pe frunze de lotus“, “O scrisoare pierdută“, “Tango“, “Azilul de noapte“, “Tarelkin“, “Tarul Ivan“, “Hotel California“, “Sluga la doi stapani“. He also performed in various TV Shows such as: “Las Fierbinti“(2017, 5 episodes, Season 12, FrameFilm), “Deschide ochii“ (2015, 6 episodes, Season 1, Media Pro), “Pariu cu viata“ (2013-2014, 120 episodes, Media Pro), and “Las Fierbinti“ (2012, Season 1, FrameFilm).


Writing and directing

He was a playwright and director at Creart Bucuresti for the plays “Ai lu’ Gorobete“ and “Filarmonica de comedie“. He was a TV Series screenwriter (writing screenplays and adapting dialogues for numerous episodes of serials and comedy shows on TVR1, ANTENA 1, and PRO TVsuch as: “Ai lu’ Gorobete“ (2004), “Clubul de comedie“ (2003-2004), “Ultimul stinge lumina“ (2003), “Voua“ (1998 – 2001), “Paco (Vine Poliția)“ (2008), “Pariu cu viata“ (2011-2012), “Carmen“ (2012), “iUMOR“ (2014).


University Educator

As an educator (teacher and director) he guided Master’s degree and 4th year students at Sala Atelier and Sala Studio UNATC (2010-2016) and 4th year students at Casandra Studio (1997-2005) for the plays: “Conu’ Leonida fata cu reactiunea“, “O noapte furtunoasa“, “D’ale carnavalului“, “Un cuplu ciudat“, “Oferta de serviciu“, “A douasprezecea noapte“,“ Jaques sau Supunerea“.



Freelance Extreme Trainer from 2008 to present: Acting and Public Speaking

Public Speaking, Comunication, Teambuilding, Body language, Roleplay for: Orange Romania, Avon, Procter&Gamble, Henkel Romania, Compania de Bere Ursus, Allianz Tiriac, Agentia de publicitate DDB, Aventis Pharma, Casa de avocatura Voicu & Filipescu, Pfaizer Romania, Tuborg Romania, Timbark, Petrom, JTI, Philip Morris, Cora Bucuresti, Magic FM, Toyota, BRD, BCR, ING Bank, LifeCare, McCan Erickson, Academia Militara, Asociația Functionarilor Publici, Cora Brasov, Cora Bacau, AIESEC Bucuresti, OptiMedia, AudioNova, Zepter, Global Commercium, Ubisoft Romania.



Abstract of the talk:


Providential Meetings


Radu Gabriel

Actor, Director, Writer, and Acting Educator

UNATC, Bucharest, Romania



Abstract: The presentation will make reference to those essential meetings in life, who change one’s fate. The speaker will talk about those people who, at a certain point, changed the course of his life and his career.


Keywords: providential meetings, people, fate, career