Invited Speakers

Nancy Nemes

Country General Manager Google Hardware Sales & Partnerships for DACH (Germany)/ Information Technology and Services

PRESENTATION: The Future is Now: Connected Life & Diginauts




Nancy Nemes, MBA, is a is Digital strategist / Startup Mentor / B2B and B2C/Conference Speaker. She is a tech trendsetter with 20 years of global experience in high tech across Europe, USA, Canada and South America. Nancy heads up Google’s Hardware business in Germany, Switzerland, and Austria. Prior to that, she spent 15 years at Microsoft leading up IOT in its early days, Digital & Consumer Marketing, Business Development and Sales for various products and services.


In recent years, Nancy has pioneered, implemented and optimized the impact of mobile, digital, and social aiming at enriching people lives through smart connected devices and services. Nancy has taught business economics at the Wiesbaden Business School. Being a big friend of foreign languages, and fluent in 6 languages, she has taught German, French, Spanish, Italian and Japanese at various centers for adult education in Europe. She also speaks English and Romanian. At present she is mentoring start ups in the UK, Germany and Eastern Europe and is engaged in charitable activities benefiting her native country, Romania.


Before Google, Nancy Nemes worked at Microsoft in Munchen, Germany and Seattle, Washington State, USA. Nancy studied in Germany (Goethe Universität Frankfurt, Fachhochschule Wiesbaden) and in France (ISC Paris School of Management).


She now lives in Berlin, Germany, with her husband and two small dogs. Follow her on LinkedIn and Twitter.


Videos with Nancy Nemes  (in Romanian)

Nancy Nemes, Microsoft: Daca esti liber si iubesti schimbarea poti sa realizezi enorm! (in English)

Nancy Speaking at 2014 ICEEfest

CMO Consumer Marketing Microsoft

Abstract of the talk:


The Future is Now: Connected Life & Diginauts


Invited Speaker

Nancy Nemes, Berlin, Germany

Country General Manager Google Hardware Sales & Partnerships for DACH (Germany)/ Information Technology and Services



This talk is about how virtual, augmented and mixed reality is impacting young adults’ life in the 21st century.


Will there be a robot apocalypse and what kind of intelligence will AI create? According to research, by 2023 AI will be a $23 BN industry.


 It already creates radically new dynamics and there will be winners and losers as more sophisticated collaborative technologies are emerging. The Time is Now. This presentation sets out to investigate how the digital practices of virtual, augmented and mixed reality will impact the life of informed Diginauts. A few real life examples will be presented on what is changing and how AI and robotics will disrupt society.