2018 Revival ARA Congress





The 42nd Congress of the

American Romanian Academy of Arts and Sciences


 Pasilor Pierduti Hall

“Gh. Asachi“ Tehnical University

Copou, Iasi, Romania

26-29 August, 2018


Painting – Sculpture – Fashion Design – Photography

Curator: Ileana Costea


Participating Artists


Patriciu Mateescu – Ceramist Sculptor, USA

Dinu Radulescu – Sculptor and Graphics Artist, Romania

Bogdan Hojbota – Sculptor and Graphic Artist, Romania

Jerry W. McDaniel – Heterogeneous Artist, USA

Rodica Vescan – Painter, USA

Ovidiu Lebejoara – Painter, USA

Emil Craioveanu – Painter on wood and Graphic Artist, Romania

Smaranda Schächtele – Fashion Designer, Germany

Emanuel Tanjala – Photographer


Sculptor Ceramist, USA



Photo: Ileana Costea, Dayton, New Jersey, USA, March 2017


“Ceramics is the art that makes you believe in miracles.”

Patriciu (Patrick) Mateescu


 Patrick (Patriciu) Mateescu, Romanian born, American ceramic sculptor, MFA academy of Fine Arts, Bucharest, Romania. When he started his career in Romania, he transformed the ceramics into a major art, influencing a whole generation of artists. His work is very eclectic and unpredictable, going from small or large scale cast porcelain to the unique stoneware monuments in Romania, or to abstract composition. In 1999 he was awarded the NJ State Council on the arts Fellowship, and is the recipient of numerous prizes and gold medals worldwide.  He has been invited to work at international ceramic symposiums in different countries and his work is shown in important collections and museums. Many references to his work are to be found in magazines and books.  Patriciu lives and works in Princeton, New Jersey, USA. He has reached the beautiful age of 91, and is still active every day in his studio. To help the development of the special art of ceramics, he has recently created the Hamangia Foundation that will offer awards to ceramic sculptors who do art pieces integrating well in nature or in architecture environments. The name Hamangia was chosen because it was a foundation created by the sculptor in 1970 in Medgidia, Romania, whose purpose was the development of monumental ceramic works and which continued its activity in the following years as “The International Symposium of Hamangia”. The name comes from a small neolitic sculpture, “The Thinker of Hamangia” (5000-4600 î.e.n.), which was the first known artistic expression made of ceramic (rather than objects with decoration or religious purpose). Throughout the years of living in the States, Mateescu built several monumental sculptures in his beloved country of origin. Today, Romania's cultural heritage is enriched by Mateescu's sculptures: “Eminescu” on the beach of Mangalia (1995, 10 m high), “Danubia” at Orsova (1996, 6.5 m high), “Prayer for Romania”, in Blaj (1997, 4 m height); the same smaller work at Tarnaveni; “The new Romania” at Snagov (1998, 5.6m height), the “Longing for one’s country” (Dorul de Tara) at Rachitoasa, in the natal village of the sculptor, “Transylvanian Flower” at Bistrita (2016, 4m in diameter). all these large works, with a deep ideological load, were the artist's gift to the Romanians.



"Transylvania Flower"

Modular sculpture, fountain located in Petru Rares Square, Bistrita, Romania

Patriciu Mateescu© 2018


Sculptor and Graphic Artist, Romania



Photo: Mihai Constantin, Artindex - a Romanian Art Review


"Beyond form, to the mystery of being" Paul Klee

 The motto of Dinu Radulescu's doctoral thesis


"Man and the work complement and harmonize each other in an exemplary and singular combustion.

  Bedros Horasangian about (Dinu Radulescu)


Dinu Radulescu is a sculptor and graphic designer, Doctor of Visual Arts of the National University of Art, and a member of the Union of Fine Artists in Romania. He graduated at the top of his class from the Department of Sculpture of I.A.P. "Nicolae Grigorescu", under the guidance of Ion Lucian Murnu. In 1980 Dinu Radulescu begins an uninterrupted series of exhibitions in Romania and abroad, in Bucharest at the galleries "Simeza", "Orizont", "Hainaut", and "Galateea", and abroad in Vienna, Rome, Belgrade, Budapest, Sofia, Bratislava, Venice, Moscow, Ankara, Seville, Ravena, Athens, Los Angeles, and in various places in France. He is the winner of numerous awards at national and international competitions. In 2002 he is awarded the Sculpture Prize of the Union of Fine Artists of Romania for his "Equestrian" cycle (Ecvestra). In 1990 he started a university career at the University of Arts in Bucharest. His doctoral thesis, "The Concept of Form in Modern Sculpture" (2005), is published in the same year at the Paideia Publishing House. His second book of Art Theory, "Manuscris", is published by the Paco Publishing House in 2006. He lives and works in his hometown, Bucharest.


Rider. Sculpture by Dinu Radulescu

Photo: Mihai Constantin - Artindex


Sculptor and Graphic Artist, Romania


“The metal, living and sacred matter through thought and act, is a cosmological symbol.“

Bogdan Hojbota


Bogdan Severin Hojbota was born in Bucharest in 1954. He graduated from the Nicolae Grigorescu Institute of Fine Arts in Bucharest, 1978. He started his academic career in 1992. He became a doctor of visual arts in 2006, and continued his studies to obtain a Ph.D. 2010. He has been the coordinator of many generations of artists. He has been exhibiting works since 1977 and in 1990 becomes a full member of the Romanian Artists Union. His artistic activity includes sculpture and decorative artwork in metal, as well as graphics. His works were presented in personal and collective exhibitions in Romania and abroad (Canada, France, Germany, Greece, Holland, Portugal). He created numerous monumental works, located in various places in the country, "Porta" (Gate) Singeorz Bai Bistrita Comparative Art Museum; "Eternal Glory of the Heroes and the Romanian Revolution of December 1989", Piata Revolutiei (Revolution Square), Bucharest (main collaborator), "The Monument of Romanian Gymnastics", Onesti, Romania, "Porta" (Gate), "Alba Iulia" Park in Sibiu, Romania. He was commissioned to create many effigies (Sergiu Nicolaescu, acad. V. N. Constantinescu, General doctor "Carol Davila") and busts: Prof. Paul Bran, Prof. Luca Paul, Mihai Tican Romano, Petre Ionescu Muscel.


Bogdan Severin Hojbota was awarded the following prizes:

2013 - The Sculpture Prize of the National Art Museum of the Republic of Moldova

2008 - Diploma of Excellence awarded by Craiova Art Museum, Romania.

2008 - Nominated for the "Ion Andreescu" Prize, Buzau, Romania.

2001 - The Prize of the Romanian Artists Union for "The Arts of Fire"

2000 - "Ion Andreescu" Prize, Buzau, Romania

Sculpture by Bogdan Severin Hojbota


Heterogeneous Artist, USA

“Give them what they want but not what they expect“

“One style does not fit all.“

Jerry W. McDaniel


Jerry W. McDaniel is an American heterogeneous visual artist whose work covers many venues in graphic design, illustration & advertising: book covers and book illustrations – the entire Zane Grey western and S.S. Van Dine mystery series, corporate identity, posters, record album covers, and film titles, stamps, and fine arts. He has a large body of work on jazz and on sports – tennis, Grand Prix, horse races, football, sailing, golf, and bicycling. He became famous through his advertisement pieces for Pan American Airlines, Intercontinental Hotels and Philip Morris International and his numerous made contributions to a variety of well-known magazines, and the New York Times newspaper and its week-end magazine. He has work in numerous private & public collections, including the permanent collection of Victoria & Albert (V & a) Museum, London. He has had numerous solo exhibitions and participated at a variety of group shows. He was the Chair of the Advertising, Package, & Graphic Design Department at the Fashion Institute of Technology (FIT/SUNY), New York. He has curated and juried numerous art competitions for the New York Society of Illustrators, FIT/SUNY, and the New York Institute of Technology. Mr. McDaniel’s students at FIT won 12 consecutive annual scholarship awards sponsored by the Broadcast Design Association (BDa). Jerry was honored by BDA with the Lifetime Achievement for his contributions to broadcast design in education. He earned his BFA from the Columbus College of Art and Design (CCaD), Columbus, Ohio, and an MA from the New York Institute of Technology in computer. In recent years (2008-present) McDaniel created painting-illustrations for poems of the Romanian poets Mihai Eminescu, Octavian Goga, and Ana Blandiana.

Picture-illustration for the poem “The Lake” by Mihai Eminescu

Jerry W. McDaniel, © 2018


Painter, Romania





Rodica Vescan followed a dynamic path after graduating from the "Ion Andreescu" Plastic Art High School in Tg. Mures, Romania, and then the Technical School S.T.A.C.O. in Bucharest, the Department of Interior Design: Furniture, Interior Decoration, and then studied at the "Ion Andreescu" Institute of Fine Arts in Cluj-Napoca, in the Industrial Design Department. She participated in personal exhibitions and group shows in Romania and Hungary, in Cluj, Bistrita, Budapest, Keszthely. She made documentary tours in many countries and participated in creative camps abroad. The painting universe of Rodica Vescan comes from the need to recover an imaginary reality circumscribed into the everyday universe, on a large spectrum, from natural landscape to the city universe, from anonymous portraits to personalized ones, with repeated “breaks” in the world of flowers, which represents a refernce point of the artist.  – Quoted in the article by Nicolae Baciut, Vatra Veche, 2015*


*Nicolae Baciut, Cuvantul Liber - Painting Exhibition: RODICA VESCAN, "From Home", May 2015, Tg Mures, Romania.



Painter, Los Angeles, CA, USA



“I like the simple. I do not like the simplicity”, the artist confesses. ‘‘I always asked the eternal questions:

Who are we? Where do we come from? Where are we going? Why do we live?

With each and every work I made and I have always thought that only nature or God can answer our uncertainties”.

Ovidiu Lebejoara



“Born in Romania, 12/14/1952. Since 1986 he has lived in Los Angeles, California, USA. His compositions are an original approach to interpretation of nature using simple terms: water, light, food, and energy. Ranging in style from surrealism to realism, the artist has built a distilled vision of reality where nature’s lights and life’s perennial mystery compose a personal symbolism that speaks through elaborated colors and pictorial forms. Ovidiu Lebejoara forgoes the distraction of superfluous and melodramatic abstraction in favor of a cohesive portrait that gives the viewer rest from turbulent and noisy world. His strong, well-conceived and esthetically challenging paintings reveal professional attributes in style, technique and concept. Both his older work and his current ongoing series of paintings show a distinctive style and content that he developed a personally, expressive signature, providing a way for exhibitors and collectors to identify his work.“ – Ruthie Tuker curator, Amsterdam Whitney Gallery – New York


Ovidiu Lebejoara studied at the Colegiul de Arte Plastice (Fine Arts School) N. Tonitza, Bucharest, Romania, then got a CT certificate in Graphic Design from Otis/Parsons Institute of Art and Design, Los Angeles, California, USA, and a Master of Arts (MA) in illustration from Syracuse University, Syracuse, New York, USA. He is present in the Encyclopedia/Dictionary of Romanian Contemporary Artists, Who is Who in American Art, and numerous books on art. He participated in many group shows, arts festivals, and had solo shows around the world.



Painter on wood and Graphic Artist, Romania



“For me, art is like a colored and spontaneous celebration of life, and the painting is the eye through which I look at art, life, painting, eye.“

Emil Craioveanu


Emil Craioveanu was born in the town of Mizil (12/13/1954), Prahova county, Romania. He graduated the N. Tonitza High School of Fine Arts (1973). He graduated from the Academy of Arts "Luceafarul" (2005), painting department, under the guidance of professor Teodor Moraru. He also got a degree from the National Art University "Nicolaie Grigorescu" (2005). His paintings on wood (with historical and religious subjects) were presented in the stores of the “Fondul Plastic / Plastic Artists Organization”, and of the UCECOM (Uniunea Nationala a Cooperatiei Mestesugaresti / The Crafts National Union). Starting with 1998 he participated in national group exhibitions and had personal exhibitions in Romania in the cities of Ploiesti (1998-2006-2007-2012) and Bucharest (2009). In his paintings and graphics pieces he uses artistic and thematic elements influenced by his painting on wood activity.


Painting by Emil Craioveanu. Artindex http://artindex.ro/2013/10/22/craioveanu-emil/


Fashion Trend Notebooks Creator



Fashion illustration means for me a moment's capture of the shapes,

 colors and proportions of a silhouette, to express the feeling and the emotion of the art for dressing.


Smaranda Schächtele is a fashion trend notebooks creator. She studied Architecture at the "Ion Mincu" Institute in Bucharest. The love for architecture was transmitted to her by her parents. Her father, Nicolae Vasilescu, is the author of the Lighthouse in Constanta, and her mother, Florica Vasilescu, architect and artist, received numerous awards for both architecture and art.


After emigrating to Germany, Smaranda Schächtele first started to work in architecture, then switched to the fashion field, discovering how closely related the two and, thus being able to use the rich art education of her studies in architecture. She designed and made the first German style notebook: Fashion Trends magazine / Molecule, specializing in trend visualization. By analyzing and emphasizing the main trends of the season this publication has become the main source of information for the textile industry.

Blue dress Smaranda Schächtele ©2018






Photo: Private collection of Emanuel Tanjala


"For almost 50 years I've been photographing the world as a witness of time.

I have acquired a history book in pictures."



Emanuel Tajala has over 35 years of experience as a Photojournalist. He started his career in his home country, Romania, where he worked for some of the most important magazines and newspapers. He escaped communism in 1981, finding a new home in the United States, where he worked as a freelance photographer. Between 2000 and 2006, he was a trainer in Photojournalism at the Independent Center of Journalism in Bucharest. His artworks were featured in numerous photo exhibitions in North America and Europe. He currently lives with his wife Irina and his two daughters, Sara and Rebeca, in Lynchburg, Virginia, USA.


At the border between the Maramures and the Nasaud regions in Romania.

Photo: Emanuel Tanjala